Monday, April 16, 2012

Mary's Song

-crescendo each time from 'wherever you go -->> your GIFT lives on' (except final time, which is quieter)
focus on consonants
-fade in volume when not melody
-opening 'dah dah': first time will be louder; second will be softer, as an echo
-M24: end is a decrescendo
-M25: mezzo piano; quiet
-M44: 'been our soul' is an entire choir crescendo as sing in unison
-M65/66: descrendo into final 'dah dah's
-final phrase will be SLOW; watch Randi

Monday, February 20, 2012

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

*All S2s always on 2nd line down (NOT 3 parts at beginning but rather all altos take bottom line)
-OPENING: slower portion; wall of sound; we make circle with those gone before
-M11 tempo pickup: we come back to present time; combo between country and metal sound
-verses are call and response between S2 (melody) and other parts
-M3: notice g natural on first 'by' (and every time we sing chorus line)

Another Openin' Another Show

-M51 & M55 (and similar lines)- cut off right away on 'rehearse' and 'worse'
-in general, strictly observe all quarter rests for a more punctuated sound
-M101-112 & M153-157: don't sing through the rests
-Sing the E natural in M43, "ulcers grow" high enough;
-Watch out for the same Enatural in M95, "sayin 'hello'";
-Remember in M137 that the B fla "Big first night", that we make the chord there;
-Wants us to raise our hands at the end, gradually, on our last word "show".


*song rests on the words; focus on phrasing of the story
-M6: feel the triplet (3 quarter notes within 2 beats); give "place" a whole beat
-M7: b. feel the "love overflowing"
-M17: our "sprinkling" is the "little dog", whereas the Sop 1's "sprinkling" is the "big dog" - ours is lighter than theirs
-M23: 'but I still' with big conviction
-M34: 'tell us should we run away...' is a plea, not a popsong :)
-M34: slight lift after 'should we run away' before 'should we try and stay'


-in our verse (you say faith is empty...): listen to recording or choir for changed rhythm and add 'a' between 'like' and 'beer' for 'like a beer'
-m100: very background, piano sound on 'Imani lover' etc

Living in a Holy City

*generally, back off on the 'ja' of alleluja and lean into the 'le'
-notice clapping at measures 32-42 and at 46
      *Mary wants us to be able to clap and sing those measures, "as we don't really have anything very hard to do for this concert"

Proud Mary

*at times, will sing the traditional rhythm, not what's written; watch Mary
-M14: fast 1/8th note on 'big' of 'big wheel'
-M54: the 'doo doot doot' section: notice the first doo BOT